Andrew Currie

Since being mesmerized by the NES at the age of 6 (Yes folks, he also had a Power Glove), Andrew has always been fascinated by games. He has spent over 15 years combining his love of graphic design, film, music production, and programming into a variety of projects. By day a professional game developer, by night a tinkering indie. When not embarrassing his 10-year-old daughter, he enjoys podcasting and dreaming up projects he’ll never get to.

Obinna Oparah

With over a decade of experience in and around the gaming industry, Obinna has served in senior, lead, and consultant positions at some of the top gaming studios in the world. He has led cross-functional teams to deliver technical solutions across a range of platforms (mobile, PC, web, console) and verticals (from gaming to industrial). While co-hosting The Debug Log podcast, he is also working on his studio’s (Black Ice Studios) debut title, Revenants.

Ryan Killgore

Ryan has been a professional game developer for over 15 years. He has a breadth of experience that includes working with start-ups using proprietary game engines to international studios using Unity. From the game client to the game server he has done a bit of it all. This includes having implemented systems for gameplay, graphics, input, AI, assets, networking (of course), and more. And it all sparked from a shareware copy of DOOM!