Meet the Team

It was at Unity’s Unite 2014 Conference when Andrew, Zack, and Obinna came to the sudden realization that they -needed- some sort of engaging outlet to connect with the diverse, talented, and innovative Unity3D community. It didn’t take long before they realized that such an outlet did not exist — it had to be created! Eventually the three discovered that a podcast would be the perfect medium.


Andrew Currie

Since being mesmerized by the NES at the age of 6 (Yes folks, he also had a Power Glove), Andrew has always been fascinated by games. He also developed the habit of sticking his nose into a variety of other fields. Starting out as a film major, Andrew soon became more and more enamored with computers as well, moving from audio production, graphic design, and eventually landing on game design and development. When he is not tinkering away on an endless list of projects, he enjoys indoctrinating his 4-year-old daughter into the religion that is Star Wars.


Obinna Oparah

Obinna found his passion in games and game development early on while scouring AOL and MSN Gaming Zone for something entertaining — something that wasn’t asking for “A/S/L” every two seconds. He soon latched on to the world of text-based gaming, first playing them, then developing for them. Since then, Obinna has matured as a game developer, garnering over five years of experience with Unity3D and leaving the MUD genre of games to embrace MMOs with his latest project, Ashes of Mankind.


Zack Schneider

Zack has always loved video games since he was very young. With all the time he spent playing games he thought it was only natural to make them too. Since that day, he has developed games for Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and many other platforms using the Unity3D engine. Someday he hopes to start his own game company and make games that are as unique and engaging as he is ;).

It takes two baby!

The Debug Log crew was nay complete until the addition of the extremely talented, insanely versatile, and beer guzzlin’ Ryan Killgore. He brought a new dimension to the podcast that we did not think was possible. Just when we thought the crew could not get any better, Eduardo Castillo Fernandez graced us with his own unique perspective and Unity3D experience.

Ryan Killgore

Ryan has been interested in software development since before computers had hard drives.  He immediately knew he wanted to be a game developer when he loaded the DOOM shareware on his dad’s 486/66 and saw the imps explode into a gory mess with a shotgun blast!  Since that time he has been developing games for more than 10 years on many different platforms.  From MMOs with proprietary engines to mobile multiplayer games using Unity3D.

Eduardo Castillo Fernandez

Eduardo is a skilled game developer and designer with experience making mobile games for iOS and Android with Unity3D. Eduardo loves fighting games, superhero movies, cartoons, sports cars, and soccer. He enjoys sharing his experiences so others don’t make the same mistakes. Eduardo’s formula for success is: “dress for success” + “learn from the best” + “stay focus on your goal” + “never surrender.”


Patty warmed our hearts with his crisp outline and small beak. This duck symbolizes the “Rubber Ducky programming” expression and quickly became the backbone to how we approach our jobs and the episodes on The Debug Log podcast. Patty loves to snuggle, not being the ugly duckling, serene ponds, and taking a dip in Zack’s tub.