Episode 95: Unite 2018 Wrap Up

Unite 2018 Los Angeles!

In this episode we discuss the many happenings at the annual Unity convention Unite. There was a lot to see at this years conference. Some of the highlights include the Entity Component System, nested prefabs, the Visual Effects Tool, FPS sample, Mega City, and many more. It was an fun time and inspiring to be around so many creative ideas. We would definitely recommend the experience!

Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoy the show! Please share any of your thoughts and experiences about Unite by writing to thedebuglog@gmail.com

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  1. Plínio José Rodrigues Mourão
    December 17, 2018 at 8:44 am — Reply

    One good point to be talking about with the release of Unity 2018.3 is that it’s features quality are starting to make Unreal Engine poor.

    This is only my opnion. The reason for that is that i tried Unreal since UDK 3, and Unreal didn’t improve or gave more usability for beginners/indie devs.

    I start to think whether Unity will begin to steal Unreal users since now we have Roslyn compiler along with ECS that brings huge performance, the sahder graph which now we can make GPU particle systems, Even shader we can build visually.

    The indie community grows more every day and it comes in my mind the question:
    – What the AAA game-engines companies think about that?
    By the time i tested Unreal, it was a community only for AAA companies and the forums weren’t friendly at all for beginners or indie devs. A few years ago unreal decided to turn his engine open for indie dev and i think it was because of the grow of Unity3D, even thought now a days i don’t think they are a big of a deal. Of course they have great games like Fortnite which makes developers see their engine as good to go, but naaaahh.

    – What about Cry-Engine? There are AAA games being developed using Unity3D, which i think may raise a concern in these companies, or not?

    Another point that would be a good talk is the fact that when you create a new project with Unity, you can make games for devices/pc that doesn’t have a good spec. you can choose to create a game with a low profile or a high profile. When i installed Unreal and create a project it automatically defines the game to be AAA profile. It pushes away indie developers that focus on low profile, even though Unreal is open for them too. This is a issue that i account as unity is stealling other engines users. Well… they are “migrating” to Unity (more acceptable term to use).

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