Episode 61: Idea Generation

Creating original ideas for games might be a difficult process for some people and an easy ride for others. In any case, polishing that original idea takes time and discipline. That is why today we go over how we come up with new ideas for our games and how we develop them. We mention some established techniques that will be extremely helpful in this process; for example Brainstorming, MindMapping, and SCAMPER. However, you know what a crazy team we are; not all of us follow the same path or process. I had a great time listening to how the guys develop their ideas because it is a mix of the things that I do. Towards the end of the show, we had a new section that is all about motivation. We had received so many emails, tweets, and reviews talking about how inspiring the podcast is, that I just wanted to dedicate part of the show to help you keep your motivation and focus on finishing your game.

Thanks for tuning in this week and we hope you enjoy the show! Contact us at: thedebuglog@gmail.com

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