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The Debug Lounge – Episode 1: Kaylin Norman-Slack

Welcome to ​The Debug Lounge​, a laid-back series of game dev interviews of developers like you.

Allow us to set the scene…

That sound you hear? Those sounds are the sultry voices of hosts Andrew, Obinna, Zack, Ryan, and Eduardo. That lingering smell you smell? Well, that is just a healthy splash of Sex Panther™ cologne. The ‘who and what’ you see will vary from week to week — but the sole purpose of the Lounge remains the same:

​The Debug Lounge​ aims to help provide for a more engaging and interactive atmosphere for game developers and their respective communities. It is meant as a platform from which members of the game development community can speak about their growth as developers as well as the games they have created and/or aspire to create.

Regardless of where you find yourself in your career as a game developer, the interviews in The Lounge are sure to provide some value. So, sit back, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy the show.

In this episode, Andrew and Obinna sit down with Game Designer Kaylin Norman-Slack to talk about his growth and experience as a game designer. Kaylin and his team, The Gaming Colts, have been working on their latest game, Alicorn Princess Blast, and he goes into depth about some of their processes, tools, and strategies he and his team have used to bring the vision of Alicorn Princess Blast to fruition. Game development is truly a labor of love and Kaylin does not shy away from discussing the ‘not so fun’ aspects of his experience as a developer. His candid approach to development, and this interview, easily makes it one of our favorites — and an episode that many developers will be able to relate to. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!

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Learn more about Alicorn Princess Blast at:


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