Episode 40: The State of the Game Dev Union

Members of the Debug Lounge, TDLers, our handful of Google+ followers, and my fellow game developers:

This episode marks The Debug Log’s inaugural State of the Game Dev Union. On today’s show, Obinna, Andrew, Zack, Ryan, and Eduardo discuss things concerning the current state of the game development industry as well as what we envision for its future. We also outline a few key aspects, such as: why our field is so important to our society, and how, in the game development industry, we feed off, what we call “Competition’s Causal Relationship.” Throughout the episode we maintain the perspective of ‘you,’ the game developer, while discussing all of this. More specifically, we attempt to address the age-old question of just where -you- fit into this evolving and growing industry of Game Development.

Thanks for turning in and we hope you enjoy the show. Please send any emails with comments, questions, or contributions regarding the union address, to: thedebuglog@gmail.com

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