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Debuggers, I am extremely excited about all the partnerships and projects that I have been working on lately and I want to share every detail with you. Last week, May 19, Andrew and I had the pleasure to go to a private virtual reality event hosted by Microsoft in the Flatiron building, here in Atlanta. We had a blast!


First of all, two of the projects that I had been working on were demoed that night: FlipBlades and Project Ghost, both for the HTC VIVE. Let me clarify, I am not working on those project on my own, I am working with Mobacap and Project Ghost Studios in both projects. Both of them awesome partners!


I was bursting with happiness the whole night because everybody who tried FlipBlades and Project Ghost loved them. Oh! Not only that, Andrew tried the VIVE for the first time. We had the pleasure to meet extraordinary talented people like Andy Lackey (Sound Designer in Ori and The Blind Forest) and John Martin (Vice President of Marketing of Reallusion). However, one of the most incredible moments of the night was when we tried the HoloLens. I will just say that it was an extraordinary experience. Well, I think I have said enough. I will leave you with some pictures of the event. Thanks for reading and have an amazing day.

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