Episode 25: Rapid-Fire Roundup

You’ve sent letters! You’ve emailed! You’ve snail-mailed! You’ve smoke-signaled for it! You’ve asked, and we’ve delivered! Actually, you did none of the above… but we are adding a brand new podcast segment entitled, “Rapid-Fire Roundup” where the hosts collect a handful of the latest game dev articles as well as questions from the TDL and game development community at large and talk shop.

What’s the latest in Unity’s newest patch? What are the must-attend game developer conferences this year? What VR/AR headset should I invest in? These are some of the rapid fire discussions you can expect to happen during this brand new segment.

If you’d like us to discuss something in particular in the coming month, send us an email at: thedebuglog@gmail.com and we will be sure to work it into our next episode of Rapid-Fire Roundup.

Game of the Week:

Download Here

TL;DL  — “Too long, didn’t listen”

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