Episode 19: #MadeWithUnity with Unity CMO, Clive Downie

What do you get when you add the former VP of Marketing at EA and former COO of Zynga, an individual with a deep passion for games and gamers across the world, and a game-changing (pun intended) game development platform like Unity3D? You get Unity’s Chief Marketing Officer Clive Downie and an industry-shaking initiative known as “Made With Unity.”

Telling your story has never been as accessible as it is now with the advent of Unity’s Made With Unity campaign – an initiative that offers game developers the power and platform to connect with their player base in a way that hasn’t been possible… until now. Join Eduardo, Zack, Andrew, and Clive Downie as they discuss the inner workings of #MadeWithUnity and how it can be leveraged to amplify your voice in the game development community.

We are stoked that Clive Downie was able to sit and chat with us and hope that you all are able to benefit as much from this talk as we were. Feel free to send us any emails with comments, questions, or concerns about Unity’s MadeWithUnity initiative, to: thedebuglog@gmail.com

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