Episode 18: A Game Tutorial Retrospective

For ages, developers have had the difficult task of balancing the amount of explicit gameplay tutorials with the level of player discovery that is provided in their games. Many gamers have experienced the ‘overbearing developer’ who forces players to endure an hour-long training sequence, while other gamers have been left bewildered in a massive and evolving game world with seemingly no direction or answers.

In this week’s show, Obinna, Andrew, Zack, and Ryan discuss pros and cons to tutorials and ways in which some games deliver key game mechanics to players. The fellas have a fun round table discussion about the history and evolution of tutorials (or lack thereof) that hopefully encourages listeners to consider the many sides of game design and content delivery.

We are super excited that you’re tuning in this week and we hope that you enjoy the show! Feel free to send any emails with comments, questions, and concerns about tutorials, to: thedebuglog@gmail.com

Game of the Week

Gone Home – Fulbright

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TL;DL  — “Too long, didn’t listen”

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