Episode 12: Unite 2015 Preview

Chugga chugga choo choo! That’s right, folks! Unite 2015 is here and we’re uber excited to be hopping on the hype train going straight to Boston. We can’t wait to engage with the growing Unity community at the conference and hope we can meet a few of our listeners while there — whether it’s at a bar, restaurant, library, or alleyway (um… scratch that actually)!

In this episode, we start by talking about some of the new features and fixes that came with Unity’s 5.2 release. We then scrub through some of our highly-anticipated talks that we’re eager to attend while at the conference. To wrap things up, the guys offer up some general ‘tips and tricks’ to networking at game conferences like Unite 2015.

Thanks, as always, for tuning in this week and we hope that you enjoy the show! Feel free to send any emails with comments, questions, and concerns about Unite 2015 to: thedebuglog@gmail.com

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Game of the Week

Kerbal Space Program – Squad

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