Episode 8: Top 5 Picks from the Asset Store

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We raise a glass to you, Christian Strang, for without you today’s episode might not have been possible!

On today’s episode we tackle Christian’s question about our favorite Unity Asset Store assets. Each of the guys pick one of their favorite assets and talk about how the asset has influenced the way they develop games in Unity3D. Outside of their favorites, they discuss other assets they’ve encountered that have stood out among the many available utility, art, and scripting assets on the asset store.

We also introduce a new segment to the show, tentatively named “Shop Talk,” where we lay out what things we are currently working on outside of the podcast — from games, projects, new tools, etc.

We sincerely appreciate all of the feedback and questions we’ve received and encourage everyone to continue sending questions, comments, and feedback so that we can continue to deliver interesting and enjoyable content.

Thanks again for tuning in this week and we hope that you enjoy the show. Be sure to send any emails with comments, questions, or thoughts regarding Unity’s Asset Store to: thedebuglog@gmail.com

Game of the Week

Marvel: Contest of Champions – Kabam

 TL;DL  — “Too long, didn’t listen”

  • Thank you all for the ratings and reviews on iTunes!
  • What is the Unity Asset Store?
    • The Asset Store is a repository of free and paid-for assets including editor extensions, scripts, 3D models and more – basically, anything you could possibly need to make whatever you want in the Unity game engine is here (Unity).
    • Available via the web and through the Unity editor
  • Eduardo’s Top Pick:
  • Unity Test Tools (Unity Technologies)
    • Allows you to add NUnit tests to your Unity Games.
    • Includes assertions components and TDD
    • Inclues Integration tests
    • Includes examples that allow you to run an application/your game without having to add any new gameObject or script for function.
    • Adds a new “Unit Test” menu item in the “Window” menus.
    • Includes sample test scenes that shows you some examples.
  • Obinna’s Top Pick:

    • P4Connect by Perforce
      • Plugin for Perforce, a Version Control System
      • Streamlines the repository management process
      • Eliminates the need to manually checkout

    Ryan’s Top Pick:

    • NGUI Next-Gen UI by Tasharen – price is $95
      • WYSIWYG editor for your Unity user interface
      • Allows you to visualize your UI in the Unity hierarchy.
      • Unity’s 4.6+ UI is similar to the NGUI system for building UIs.
      • There are still some games using NGUI such as Firewatch

    Zack’s Top Pick:

    • AVI Player with Playmaker – SHUU games ($45)
      • Used to import and play videos in Unity
      • How he uses it:
        • For mobile video playing
      • Supports, AVI, MFPEG.
        • Converts your movie file to work on multiple platforms (FFMPEG).
      • Unity’s movie texture isn’t supported on iOS, the AVI player does.
    • Latest version allows for Playmaker actions
    • Support seeking of the movie file.
    • 720p quality

    Andrew’s Top Pick:

    • GoKit (Animation library) – Prime31
    • Initially found on GitHub
    • How he uses it:
      • For tweens, transitions, and UI
    • Lightweight animation library
    • Allows you to programmatically tween and animate gameObjects
    • Provides a queuing system/chaining system as well as running animations in tween
      • Can add time delays between animations
    • Competitor that we’ve used iTween
    • Similar to TweenLite for Flash (GreenSock)

On the topic of asset store goodies, we discuss other assets that we’ve come across and really like, such as:

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1 Comment

  1. Christian Strang
    August 22, 2015 at 6:13 pm — Reply

    Thank you guys for picking my question!
    I will definitely start using Eduardo’s pick “Unity Test Tools” as I never really used unit tests before and this asset seems really useful for this purpose!

    P4Connect looks also really interesting, though I’m quite satisfied with my current setup (bitbucket + sourcetree).

    Ryan’s Pick: I’m glad that I started with Unity 5 and never had to endure the old gui system :)

    Zack’s Pick: Cool pick.

    Andrew’s Pick: This might actually be really useful for my current project, will definitely check it out!

    Again, thank you guys for this great podcast, always eager to learn more about unity!

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